Painless anesthesia

Minimized pain through dental anesthesia device


Advantages of the SlowJec

  1. Minimize the patient’s fear of needles
  2. Automatic injection that minimizes pain, regulates the amount used, and aids in quick effects
  3. One touch method so it’s easy to use
  4. Wireless so that it’s easy to use and its announcements puts the patient’s mind at ease

What is the SlowJec?


It is a wireless device that delivers the anesthesia at a slower rate determined by the anesthesiologist to help minimize the pain caused by anesthesia.

It is an easy to use one touch system that is comfortable to use, with 5 settings and 9 speeds.

Characteristics of the Slowjec

Pressure sensor allows for it to automatically adjusts the pressure

-Measures the pressure of the needle and pauses when the pressure is too high

-Automatically injects again when it senses that the pressure has reduced

When it senses too much pressure it stops 

Once the pressure is reduced, starts injecting again

Easy to use One Touch system

-Press the button once to operate the system

-No need to physically apply pressure like regular needles

Injection amount, pressure, speed, etc. can be set according to the needs of patient