Safe and comfortable

One day implant

What is one day implant?


It is the method of placing the implant in right after extraction. In the past, this method wasn’t available due to the implant technology.

However, in the case that the patient has severe infection, this method is not recommended

Pros of one day implant

in bone loss

looking gums

treatment time

Navigation implant

What is navigation implant?


Using technology that incorporates the computer and CT scans, method that finds the best location to input the implant. With computer analysis, the location where the bone is best suited and favorable for the restoration is selected as if using a navigational system, assists in minimizing errors.

Bone graft implant

What is a bone graft implant?


It is a method that allows even patient with bone loss have implants. Using freeze-dried bone or even your own bone, bone graft is done allowing for a stronger hold on the implant.