Orthodontics for children

Orthodontics for children

Effectively corrects skeletal incongruity using the child’s potential growth and development

Orthodontics for growing children

When it is needed:

-When teeth grow in crooked or when the front teeth have crowding or grow in backwards

-When the chin is growing more than normal

-When the child has an underbite due to the overgrowing of the chin (chin starts to grow at age 6-8

– when overbite is seen during the growing stages

Reason orthodontics is important when children are growing:

When symptoms are left untreated while the lower jaw grows, there is a chance that it will grow into a overly protruding chin, protruding lip as the child grows into an adult; it may be difficult to treat when they grow into an adult. In such cases, surgery like double jaw surgery may be need in conjunction to orthodontics.

Removable devices

As the permanent teeth grow in, there may be a lack of space for the permanent teeth which leads to crowding or protruding teeth; this helps prevent such cases by making space for the permanent teeth.

Device to control growth:

Growth control may be needed when the upper jaw grows making it appear protruded or underbite; conversely, when the lower jaw grows too quickly, causing a protruding chin.

Protrusion, underdeveloped lower jaw

ages 11-12

protruding chin

ages 7-8

In such cases, there may be the need for devices worn outside the mouth.

Devices outside the mouth:

Devices used in conjunction to that used inside the mouth.


Protruding upper jaw, underdeveloped lower jaw – head gear

Protruding jaw  – face mask

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