Non-surgical correction

Non-surgical correction

When the appearance-wise, the protruding chin or asymmetry is not severe

Smile double jaw correction

It is for patients whose:

1.Who have normal shaped chins but has the appearance of protrusion due to malocclusion

2.Cases where the edges of the top and bottom teeth do not meet

3.In the case that the top teeth cover too much of the bottom teeth

4.Have over exposure of the gums

5.Who have midline deviation due to asymmetry

What is non-surgical double jaw correction?


In cases when the physical appearance of protruding chin, asymmetry and protruding lips is severe, surgery and orthodontics are used; however, in the case that the aforementioned physical symptoms are not severe or for patients who are very afraid of surgery and want only orthodontic treatment, the method of non-surgical double jaw correction is used.

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